Thursday, April 8, 2010

School Lunch WHAT is on the Menu?

The US school lunch program has recently sparked a lot media attention and debate. Many individuals and organizations are unveiling the serious issue of what kids are being fed in our public school throughout the country. Recently there has been a host of articles, blogs and even a TV show dedicated to the issue of what kids are being served for school lunch. These have all highlighted the highly processed, unhealthy and low cost approach to feeding Americas school children.

One of these initiatives is Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” a television show airing on ABC highlighting the fact that America's kids deserve better food at schools and that Americans need to start making more fresh healthy choices to deal with the obesity issues we face. He also believes we need to keep cooking skills alive among children, school cooks and at home. Jamie recently received a TED Award to view his Talk click below

You can also sign a petition to support Jamie Oliver's “Food Revolution”. Jamie hopes to take his petition to the White House after the TV series airs, to show The President and First Lady how many people across the country really care about this and ask for their support.

Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution”:

The Child Nutrition Reauthorization legislation, is currently winding its way through Congress. Now is the time to tell your Senators and Representatives that we want healthy meals for school children. Now is the time to ask for enough money to do the job right and start feeding Americans kids a healthy school lunch. Click below to email your legislator about this important issue through the Time for Lunch campaign.
Click below to read a public school teachers blog about her experience eating school lunches for a full year.

Mrs. Q’s Blog:

Click below to read an article about the letters Columbia 3rd graders recently sent to their elected officials about the lunch program they participate in.

Columbia Tribune Article:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Columbia Joins the Movement by Passing the Urban Hen Ordinance

Monday February 1st, the Columbia City Council joined a growing number of cities including Kansas City, St. Louis and Berkley, CA in allowing people to keep a small number of backyard hens. There are many benefits for raising urban hens including a healthy source of eggs, education for kids, food security for families, and a good tool for turning compost into fertilizer for gardens. These types of ordinances focusing on growing your own food are an important tool and can strengthen the local food community in small towns and large cities alike. For more information about the Columbia Urban Hen Ordinance or to learn more about the urban hen ordinances in other cities check out the links below: