Wednesday, November 11, 2009

“Thanksgiving the Local Way”

With Thanksgiving fast approaching many may be thinking about that Thanksgiving menu, but what about keeping that menu a little more local with products from Missouri family farmers. Missouri has a wide variety of products that are classic Thanksgiving dishes, from locally produced turkeys and squash too many great wines the possibilities are endless. For the top 10 ways to go local this Thanksgiving check out this link to, “A Taste of Missouri” blog.



  1. I'm trying to find a local organic turkey -- no antibiotics and no GMO feed. Does anyone know a source? I've been able to locate anti-biotic free and local, but the GMO feed piece keeps tripping me up. Why am I being so picky about the GMO feed? I don't want to give any part of my food dollars to Monsanto.
    Thanks for any leads.
    feel free to email me directly:
    Melinda Hemmelgarn

  2. A great (local) addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table this year could be through your choice of culinary herbs. Lone Oak Organics is St. Louis’ first and only commercial-scale, hydroponic greenhouse. They distribute organic culinary herbs at many St. Louis grocery stores and markets. Lone Oak's greenhouses are located less than 35 miles from downtown St. Louis and all of their produce is certified organic by the USDA.

    Click Here To Find A Retailer Near You: