Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attorney General Sues Small Family Farm

Attorney General, Chris Koster has filed suite against a small family farm in Conway, MO for selling raw milk to undercover investigators in a Springfield, MO parking lot. This has sparked a heated debate about the selling and consumption of raw milk. While the consumption of raw milk has steadily increased over the years and is estimated to be over half a million, the laws have not changed and in some states it is still illegal to sell raw milk. While it is not illegal to sell raw milk in Missouri the law is such that farmers have to have a licensed permit for the State Milk Board or sell the product on farm to consumers with no permit. State Representative Belinda Harris put forth a bill this year that would clarify the state’s position on the sell of raw milk however this bill did not pass. Harris has submitted a new version of the bill this legislative session; this bill would clarify current raw milk policy and would allow the sale of unlicensed raw milk at farmers markets. It would also extend to other dairy products like butter and yogurt.

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  1. Not only am I a fan of raw milk for its freshness and flavor, but for the supreme nutritional content of an unadulturated product that still has all the natural enzymes necessary for my body to digest it! So many of the "lactose-intolerant" crowd COULD consume lactose if only the naturally-digesting enzymes were present, unlike pasteurized products! I DEFINITELY support the small farms, the milk products, the higher prices, the VALUE of the process and lifestyle AND philosophy behind PURE, REAL, raw food. I am appalled at the attorney general for focusing resources on this, and I am very proud of Rep.Belinda Harris!